This is a mirror of the tools and releases from the RTEMS project. The main site is This site is maintainer by Joel Sherrill as a personal and volunteer effort with no contributions from OAR Corporation who hosts the main RTEMS site.

Support the Mirror Site

Donations are gladly accepted to the monthly Internet costs and periodic hardware costs. This mirror site has been in operation almost three years. This server is also used to host and they also provide donations to offset costs. The current server was purchased using contributions from Elvis Costello fans.

If you enjoy RTEMS and like having a mirror available for Yum updates, please consider contributing. If the monthly contributions grow enough, the money will be put to increasing the speed of the Internet connection. Please note that you will be making a donation to the Elvis Board. This is the way the account is set up.

A one time donation of any amount using a credit card (no PayPal account needed)

A one time donation of any amount using a PayPal account:

Monthly donation of USD5.00 using a PayPal account: